No Matter How Hard You Try

You’re not going to make Crocs cool. I somehow got subscribed to a ridiculously overpriced MAN’S MAN clothing and apparel site (Huckberry – the name says it all) not too long ago. Their copywriters breathlessly oversell everything, but this one really made me chuckle.

Crocs are the shoes that can bring everyone together—from the creative directors we follow for style tips, to our parents, to our buddy who’s really into bowhunting. Over the past couple years, their unreasonably comfy slip-ons have floated into our everyday footwear rotations and aren’t leaving anytime soon. Which is why we’ve been looking forward to their new batch of near-weightless clogs outfitted for the colder months with all-terrain soles, cozy sherpa linings, and Realtree and Mossy Oak camo.


8 Replies to “No Matter How Hard You Try”

      1. “the world’s coolest gear”

        for the rugged outdoorsman who is also a bit of a fancy boy

        I like how they use an acronym (EDC = “everyday carry”) for shit that goes in your pockets.

        I think these are the same people who write the horrible band blurb hype on Bandcamp.

        1. Some of those knives look like “EDC” if your name happens to be Jeffrey Dahmer.

          The site seems to cater to the, I dunno, corporate tax accountant who feels compelled to drive to work in an all-terrain assault vehicle.

  1. I used to wear surgical clogs at work back in the day when I did a lot of procedures. They were perfect for that, but I hated when I would occasionally walk through the rain in them.
    I’ve never worn Crocs. They look particularly awful in this photo.

  2. As a swimmer, I confess to wearing them to/from the pool. They’re just convenient, easy to slip on and off wet or dry, and easier to drive in than flip-flops. Beyond that, I hate them. They just look so stupid. I certainly wouldn’t be photographed out having a man-tastic time in them. Not that anyone’s asked.

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