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  1. I’ll confess to a soft spot for them. Great vocal arrangements, very well-sung. Also, The Wrecking Crew gave them great instrumental tracks (as they always did). The organ solo at the end is magnificent.

  2. This prompted me to google what the #1 song was on my birthday. It was Jailhouse Rock, a song so ubiquitous that I’m unable to evaluate it. All I can say is that it’s not as good as the earlier Sun Sessions stuff, but better than much of what came after.

  3. Oh, and speaking of the Association, I’ve sometimes wondered if Elvis Costello got from them his tendency to overstuff songs with lyrics.

    Here’s a live, Smothers Brothers version where they open with their little robot schtick. I think a while back I posted some footage here of them doing the same routine at the Monterey Pop Festival.

  4. Great song. I remember confusing it with the Kinks before I knew much about The Doors.

    Davies commented in a 2012 interview with Mojo magazine:

    The funniest thing was when my publisher came to me on tour and said the Doors had used the riff for “All Day and All of the Night” for “Hello, I Love You”. I said rather than sue them, can we just get them to own up? My publisher said, “They have, that’s why we should sue them!” (laughs) Jim Morrison admitted it, which to me was the most important thing. The most important thing, actually, is to take (the idea) somewhere else.

    Keyboardist Ray Manzarek, admitted in an interview with Musician magazine that it was “a lot like a Kinks song.”

    1. I read somewhere that Davies ran into the Doors somewhere and needled Morrison a little about it. JM supposedly replied, “you really got me.”

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