5 Replies to “Which House?”

  1. 2 for me as well, although I’d like a word with the Commisioner of Housing about some of those combinations.

    Who the hell is Lisa Lisa? It concerns me that apparently pop culture had already passed me by in the 80’s.

  2. I figured most here for 2 or 8, but I could personally be talked into others depending on the house dynamic. I think 80’s Madonna consumes so much oxygen that you might be able to hang with a rather chilled-out Prince.

    And then it’s basketball and pancakes.

    The Commissioner of Housing listened to all of your requests in a public hearing, and realized that some decisions might be unpopular. When told “you should have KNOWN that Annie Lennox would punch Morrissey,” he smiled coyly.

  3. The scene in House 5:

    Axl and Billy Idol are in the basement playing a loud, annoying video game. Slash is meditating, and hears Freddie and Steve Perry singing their scales upstairs. The timbre and power! He feels inspiration coming on, maybe a great song….
    Bon Jovi walks in cracking gum and talking too loud about something inane. The moment is ruined. If you could see Slash’s eyes, you would be able to tell that he’s really irritated.

  4. Is this actually in the 80s or now? Like am I going to have to step over a dead Freddie Mercury to get to the can?

    Probably house 6. I feel like I’d have a good shot at Sade with those sappy fuckers as competition. Otherwise house 2 for sure.

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