7 Replies to “I Got A Rocket In My Pocket…”

  1. How dare there be a cult band that I know next to nothing about.

    The unholy axis of Foghat / Rundgren / Sparks / NRBQ at Bearsville Records. Now that’s a Box Set!

  2. I loved NRBQ, especially as a live band, but I found their cult annoying, as all cults are. Their cult loved them for never “selling out” more than for their music. That mindset annoys the hell out of me.

    REM was an good example of the pettiness of cults. They had a pretty large one in their U-Haul days, some of whom turned on them in a pretty nasty way as their success grew. “Oh, they’re rock stars now” one ex-fan and acquaintance of them told me, sounding like a jilted lover. Like there was something wrong with these guys wanting to live on more than $100/week.

  3. At least he flipped you off personally. He had his chauffeur flip me off. All I did was ask about my share of royalties. I got a slightly lowered window and “Mr. Makerbot says ‘be happy with the sports cars and groupies'” before showing me his middle finger and driving off.

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