There’s No Way This Will Be Good

Will I still watch it? Morbid curiosity compels me to check out the first episode.

Best YouTube comment …

I’m getting “Vyvyan from the Young Ones” vibes from this – and not in a good way.

Someone else made the astute observation that Rotten was always more sardonic than angry. The tone is all wrong.

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  1. Oh man. I hope Steve and Cookie make a lot of money from this. That’s the only positive I can think of, because it’s sure to take itself way too seriously and just be awful. I didn’t think anyone could top (bottom?) the depiction of Johnny in Sid & Nancy, but it appears some poor slob has tried.

  2. That looks dreadful. There was never anything earnest about the Pistols or McLaren, thank God.

    I’ll probably watch one episode just because I will. I might even watch the whole episode because it’s hard to stop watching a train wreck. I’m thinking this will be down there with Vinyl a few years ago.

  3. Abominable.

    The only films of this Oscar-winning director I’ve seen are 28 Days Later and Steve Jobs – both of which I liked. This is supposedly based on Jones’ memoir Lonely Boy. I will sheepishly admit I have not read this, and perform whatever penance the greater bastardate deems appropriate.

    Also the train wreck started before the filming:

    By July, Lydon was hit with a lawsuit himself. On the basis of an authorized licensing agreement established in 1998, Jones and Cook went after the former frontman after he refused to grant FX permission to use the band’s music in Pistol, despite the “majority rules basis” the agreement lays out.

    “John Lydon sold his rights to control the use of these songs in the Nineties in return for money,” Jones and Cook said in a statement shared via Blabbermouth.

  4. This looks terrible, and embarrassing. And it seems sort of weird in a way, when there is so much actual footage and documentation of the Sex Pistols. It’s not like this is a period piece about a time before they had cameras. Like, why would you watch this if you could watch a documentary?

    That youtube comment is spot on. And I also got a “Vinyl” vibe from this. But this is worse. “Vinyl” was fiction! I watched it… I liked it (liked–not loved). I know–I’m the only one. But people got so bent outta shape over that. It was just TV. Just a TV crime show set in the music biz circa early 70s. But this is different. Unfortunately, we will probably be seeing this more & more as we get further in time from the actual events. But isn’t it weird to be seeing young actors recreating things that happened during your lifetime? Maybe things you actually remember?

    If you haven’t read Lonely Boy, read it. Steve Jones is awesome, the book is very good. No shame. You’ll get to it.

    1. I read it when it came out and then re-read it a couple of months ago. It holds up! Jones tempers his swagger with a healthy dose of self-deprecation, which goes a long way towards humanizing the 94th greatest guitarist of all time.

      1. Agree with “more sardonic than angry.” To be angry, you have to give a shit, and they just didn’t give a shit. Part of their greatness. But political earnestness is in fashion, so…

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