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  1. I am obligated to saying “Fuck the RnRHOF for not being in Memphis” anytime it’s brought up.

    Fuck the RnRHOF for not being in Memphis

  2. I’ve never paid much attention to it. The whole idea is ridiculous. Awards and prizes are for well-behaved schoolboys.

    I remember reading years ago about a board member complaining that they’d need to induct more popular acts in order to keep selling tickets to the gala. That says it all.

  3. Coincidentally, this video from the Nazz guy popped up on my YouTube page a little while ago. He calls it “The Fall of the RnRHOF,” but I’m not sure it ever had a rise. A Todd quote sums it up nicely at the end. That prompted me to check if he’s ever been inducted. He was last year, but he snubbed it. Good for him. More should, but artists tend to be vain creatures.

  4. That’s a good summary and the Hall is dumber than I thought.
    I didn’t realize that they can’t even be bothered to go to Cleveland for the induction ceremony. I am sort of enjoying its current stage, which seems like self-parody.

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