Here’s Your Chance

I know Monkeystador has been trying to attract Pussy Riot’s attention for awhile. Well, they’re playing in Tulsa!

You know it’s true because you read it in Pitchfork!

Pussy Riot will receive the Woody Guthrie Prize in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on May 6, and perform at the city’s Cain’s Ballroom that evening. The prize is given annually to an artist who “best exemplifies Guthrie’s spirit and work by speaking for the less fortunate through music, film, literature, dance or other art forms and serving as a positive force for social change.” The ceremony is part of the Woody Guthrie Center’s 10th anniversary celebration, which takes place from May 5 to 7.

Tulsa is a fun town. Surprisingly hip. We can go to the Dylan Archives while we’re there.

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    1. I imagine it’s because the Guthrie center is there. I’ve heard both are genuinely impressive, but I haven’t been. I went there once on business before the Dylan archives opened.

    2. Lots of theories floated in the article, but I think this guy hits the nail on the head …

      “Most women stars I know are busy screwing male stars and guys in their band,” he said, adding, “a VERY important factor — the groupie gate keeper.” Male fans, he says, are less likely to get past security, for very compelling reasons of safety. A girl is simply less of a perceived threat. The opportunity for a casual hookup to go badly, the potential consequences for a woman, are different and much more serious than they are for a man.

  1. I only post about my crushes on Audrey Hepburn and Hope Sandoval and various others in order to make Nadya jealous. I think she’s starting to notice.

    A Saturday night concert. Surprisingly feasible.

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