What Say You, Kubrick Fans?

I read Doctor Sleep a few years ago and liked it okay. Maybe the movie won’t suck, I dunno. It’s somewhat reassuring that the director is Mike Flanagan, the same guy who helmed Gerald’s Game and The Haunting of Hill House for Netflix. There’s already a backlash on the Internet (because of course there is) for leaning heavily into Kubrick’s film – but I get it.

Me? I’m cautiously optimistic.

4 Replies to “What Say You, Kubrick Fans?”

  1. How bad can it be, right? I heard the kid from the original now teaches at a community college and had no idea they were using him in the new movie. Trivia!

  2. Looks ok, but soooooo out on pseudo-reboots and repurposed original material. No thanks.

    (If you need me I’ll be quietly waiting for the release of Napoleon that Kubrick never got around to filming)

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