Fixing The Worst VFX Shot Ever


I can easily remember sitting in the theater watching The Mummy Returns with the wife, laughing my ass off when the shot in question popped up. This loud, idiotic sequel was annoying as shit already, and somehow, a rubberized Dwayne Johnson at the end was the perfect cherry on top.

The fix isn’t 100%, which these guys readily admit, but it’s a million times better.

2 Replies to “Fixing The Worst VFX Shot Ever”

  1. The Fx shot is certainly terrible. But I’m more concerned that you paid money to see this in a theater. Did you lose a bet? Did Jarmusch or Cronenberg direct it?
    Is there something we should know?

    1. This was pre-kids, back when we went to the movies every weekend with all our disposable income. Sometimes we saw stinkers.

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