Go Ask Alice

A rare peek behind the mask when Alice Cooper was still scaring the adults.

… we have uncovered an interview of Alice Cooper in the midst of the massively successful 1973-1974 Billion Dollar Babies tour. In the video, he is interviewed at the Hotel Hesperia in Helsinki, Finland, discussing his stage persona, rock music, violence, his audiences, and musical influences.

At the time, Alice was in Europe to promote the original band’s upcoming film, “Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper”, which predominately featured live concert footage filmed at the 1973 Sam Houston Coliseum show. Alice then headed to Brazil where the band became the first western band to perform there.

This rare interview filmed by YLE, The Finnish Broadcasting Company for the Finnish TV Show “Iltatähti”, was originally broadcast on April 13, 1974.

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  1. Great interview, thanks for posting. His name did tend to confuse older people. My best friend’s mother bought us tickets to see him on that same tour, as we were still too young to drive. She thought she was buying us tickets to see some nice female singer. She was none too happy as the show approached and the local paper went into full self-righteous denunciation mode. But the cool thing is that she went first thing in the morning the day tickets went on sale, so we got to witness the depravity from the front row. My character was damaged for life.

  2. Good seats will ruin all other concerts.

    By sheer luck, my friend obtained second row center seats at Amnesty International 1986: U2, Sting, Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel, Jackson Browne, Bryan Adams, Joan Baez, etc. I was too young (cough) to appreciate how obscene this was.

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