2 Replies to “Pre-CGI Movie Effects Were Complicated As Hell”

  1. So good! I’ll be needing some of those matte paintings.

    The two most remarkable analog-era VFX phenomena to me are:

    1) 2001: A Space Odyssey came out NINE YEARS before this.

    2) While watching the credits for Altered States (1980), I thought that the visual effects acknowledgements would go on for several screens, and involve hundreds of people.
    It’s like, a few guys in a garage.

    1. Damn.

      Total tangent here, but one of the other things that blows me away in 2001 is the ape mask design. Fucking Planet of the Apes won the Oscar that year and those appliances are shit by comparison. There’s been a rumor forever that 2001 wasn’t considered because the makeup was so good it was assumed that actual apes were used. Probably not true, but I love it.

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