Can This Possibly Be Any Good?

I’m cautiously optimistic, but the showrunners have a pretty uneven track record.

Available to stream on Netflix starting tomorrow.

UPDATE: Also, this billboard may be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

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    I’m so down for this.

    FINALLY we get the nuanced telling of Renfield’s story. He’ll have to tell us if they took any dramatic liberties with the material.

    I liked all of Sherlock, especially the Moriarty stuff and the sister episode. Haven’t ever seen any Dr. Who. No complaints about the show-runners here.

    That billboard rules.

  2. It’s three one-and-a-half-hour episodes. We’ve watched the first one, which starts strong and settles into silly fun. I’ve heard the second episode is also solid but the third can’t stick the landing. We shall see.

  3. Just got around to watching E1. Seems like good clean fun so far. Liked the fly close-ups. Now bring on the nice fat spiders!

  4. ”But the thing is, you see, being well over a century old is not ACTUALLY against the law.”

    Renfield laying down the jurisprudence!

  5. Ha ha, yeah, there were funny lines in all episodes. And the bit about Renfield springing Dracula was funny, although the whole idea of the Harker Foundation was just goofy. But I did like much of E1 & 2.

    My big problem was with the ending. I can’t accept a Dracula motivated mainly by the fear of death. Vampires, especially the Prince of them all, must be motivated by pure evil and sadism. Sure, they don’t want their fun to end, but someone who’s already damned can’t be all that afraid of death. Yeah, I get that this is a post-Christian interpretation, but removing the spiritual dimension sucks the life from the story, so to speak. You’re left with an Oprah scenario where nothing’s inherently good or evil, only healthy or in need of therapy. So Dracula isn’t really evil, just a frightened little vampire needing end-of-life coping therapy from Van Helsing? No thanks. He might as well just be a mortal serial killer rather than a vampire.

    And anyway, sunlight DOES kill vampires, damnit. I’m all for reinterpreting stories in new and interesting ways, but sometimes facts are just facts.

    1. Yes! So much wasted potential.

      Too many half-baked ideas and not enough Sister Agatha in episode 3. And as you say, they fucked up the myth that made him scary in the first place.

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