4 Replies to “Out of My Brain on 5.15”

  1. Outstanding! Thought this might be a Fat Elvis post for a second.

    Best part of the “Baba O’Riley” vid is Keith’s headphones taped to his head.

  2. I saw them in ’75 at the coliseum, possibly the loudest show I ever saw. My older brother saw them at the old Ellis Auditorium in ’70. But I’m most envious of an older friend of mine who saw them in the 60’s in, of all places, Jackson, MS. At that point they were still wearing their florid, frilly stage clothes. That alone was enough enough to stun the police, but then the smoke bombs went off at the end of My Generation, and they called out the fire department.

  3. Awesome.

    Oakland ยด89 for me. Way up in the nosebleed section, and it was still fantastic because I had just gotten into them about two years before. The first set was basically Tommy.
    Townshend impaled his right hand on his tremolo bar two weeks before, in Tacoma, and had it wrapped in about fourteen ace bandages. The giant damaged bandaged hand was visible from my upper upper level seat, and this only made everything more rock and roll.

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