It’s A Team Effort

Just started reading No Country for Old Men last night, and somehow stumbled onto this video while eating breakfast. It’s a script-to-screen comparison of THAT scene. Brilliantly written, adapted, directed, acted, costumed, lit, shot, edited. It all has to be there for it to work this effectively.

Best YouTube comment regarding Chigurh’s motivation for the coin toss …

I think he would be fine with it either way. The way he sees it, it’s just. The coin makes the decision not him. If the coin says heads then he should be pitied, a worthless peasant able to finish out his life. If its tails, he should be despised for his weakness, a waste, and removed from the earth. Chigurh understands this, that he is both, and the coin simply dictates the action to be taken. So it doesn’t matter either way. There’s always a reason to kill him and there’s always a reason to spare him. So the coin will sort it out.

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  1. … and we’re all still terrified of Jackson Browne to this day.

    His background and nationality are left undisclosed and largely open to speculation. When writer Cormac McCarthy visited the set, the actors inquired about Chigurh’s background and the symbolic significance of his name. McCarthy simply replied, ”I just thought it was a cool name.”

    When Joel and Ethan Coen approached Javier Bardem about playing Chigurh, he replied, ”I don’t drive, I speak bad English and I hate violence.” The Coens responded, ”That’s why we called you.”

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