5 Replies to “New PTA”

  1. That trailer builds momentum with an action film intensity – irresistible but it can’t possibly be that kind of movie. I feel manipulated.

    The last PTA films I’ve seen were Boogie Nights and Magnolia.
    I suck.

  2. You do, but for other reasons. I haven’t seen Phantom Thread yet. A lot his movies are difficult slogs, but I’ve liked them nonetheless. Inherent Vice was quite good and fun to watch. Hard Eight, his first, was also fun. He’s directed a lot of Haim videos. You’d probably enjoy those as well.

  3. I make a solid half-assed effort.

    A couple of years ago I ordered the Netflix DVD There Will Be Blood, but there was a scratch and it kept freezing. I sent it back. I didn’t ask for another copy. I probably meant to, but then Makerbot told me that I needed to watch something, and I’m quite easily distracted.

    I’ve watched me some Haim videos, but didn’t realize that it was an “auteur at work” situation. Now I’m going to confuse him with Spike Jonze.

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