Forgotten Gem

Probably my favorite EJ song.  It’s the second half of a medley that opens Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.  It (along with the opening song, the instrumental Funeral For a Friend) got quite a bit of airplay on FM radio when the album was released.  This was the glory days of FM, when stations played deep tracks.  You never heard it on AM, which stuck to singles.  It gets left out of “best of” compilations, and many EJ fans don’t know it.  I don’t get why.  This song has everything going for it, including a killer bass line.  It’s one of the songs I used to teach myself bass when I got one in 10th grade.

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  1. Cool. You can tell this is peak EJ from the magnificent lyrical slush.
    If I may:

    playin rock n roll to adjust a fan
    through my guitar-tootin’ hordes I saw a filthy ba-aa-aand
    love my fleet and Emma Hands

    Viva FM radio!

  2. Speaking of lyrics, I was in a waiting room this week and heard “Rock & Roll Fantasy” by Bad Company, which begins with the immortal

    Here come the Jetsons, one two three…

    I had no idea The Jetsons aired in Merrie Olde England.

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