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  1. I imagine that Bruce Dickinson is one of the least annoying record producers around. He looks more like Gary Cole than Christopher Walken to me. But hey, if you can get Christopher Walken, you win.

    The character is actually based on Sandy Pearlman. And it’s the damn radio compressors that make it loud, and if anything, he needed less cowbell.

    But that’s not as funny.

    1. I’m not buying the radio compressor story at all. Compression can flatten dynamic range, but it can’t alter the balance of the mix. Pearlman seems a little touchy. It’s really just a joke; the cowbell’s not that prominent on the actual song. Nothing like the fire bell on this classic.

  2. Thanks for audiosplaining. It didn’t quite make sense to me, but I figured the sound engineer knew what he was talking about.

    Also, cowbells are now generally frowned upon.

  3. Fun bit of trivia, Chris Parnell (the guy playing Buck Dharma in the sketch) is from Memphis. He attended Germantown High School and his dad Jack Parnell was a well-known voiceover artist. Renfield, I’m sure you’ll recognize his voice from old commercials.

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