Since HBO cruelly ended Barry and Succession at the same time, this bastard is angry. I know the rest of you are doing your highbrow summer reading clubs, but I’m left waiting for:

  • True Detective: Night Country (“sometime in 2023”)
  • Fargo Season 5 (sometime late 2023)
  • Dune Part Deux (November 3, 2023)
  • The Witcher Season 5 (June 29, 2023 hey that’s sooner than I thought!)

Anyway, Gemstones drops June 18th.

2 Replies to “Preach”

  1. We got into Righteous Gemstones for a while (so … many … penises …) then got distracted by other stuff. The good news is we finally started Succession (so … many … dicks …), but that stupid quick zoom in and out thing the camera does is making me want to throw the TV. Does that stop in later episodes?

  2. I don’t notice it so hopefully not? I tend to hate all the varieties of shaky-cam and conspicuous zoom. Usually I’m hyper-aware of Men Without Tripods. Extremely small doses, please.

    I’ve always found it very annoying, especially on wide shots. I never liked doing it as I was always looking for compositions, and when you find one, you tend to stop. These are key moments and you really want to concentrate on the eyes and the actor. If you move the camera in any jerky way, then it totally takes away from the moment.

    – Peter Versey, Camera Operator

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