40 Years Ago Today!

Dylan shows up to play Letterman with a punk band (the Plugz who later became Cruzados) and it absolutely rips. They never played with him again, but apparently had spent a month or so playing with him at his house.

A good interview with the bass player here talking about how it all went down (from a very good book about musicians who played with him).

On a side note, I saw Bob last night here in Beerville. I loved it.

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  1. I saw that when it aired, and I was impressed. I happened to see it at the apartment of a friend who’s a major fan. My friend then played me the studio version, but I thought this live version was miles better.

    I’m going to see him (Dylan) next weekend.

  2. I remember “Jokerman,” but I’d forgotten how great “Don’t Start Me Talkin’” was. And thanks for linking the article. “I Once Met a Man” from the sound check is also glorious, and I’d never heard it. I can’t place the song, is it an original or an obscure cover?

    Long gone are the days when something that unscripted and ragged could appear on television.

  3. I don’t know what that is. It’s not on his website as a song, and I have never seen or heard it anywhere else.

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