6 Replies to “Soft Nudes For The Nazis’ Doktor Horror”

  1. I’ve noticed an unmistakable trend with these Nazi covers – which, because of their sheer silliness, are my favorites. They all feature scantily clad women being tortured for amusement, of course. And 99 times out of 100, there’s an older guy in charge, convulsing with laughter. Because he is much too important to get his hands dirty, the older guy is accompanied by a henchman, who appears to be missing a chromosome or two. He is generally bald, shirtless, and sports a prominent scar on his face. Sometimes he wears a helmet. Safety first!

  2. That doctor bears an odd resemblance to Peter Sellers in roles where he had a beard and glasses. Not very Aryan looking. Shouldn’t he be wearing Col. Klink spectacles? Nitpicking aside, great cover.

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