And The Nominees Are…

The 2019 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees just came out. Makerbot will be happy to know that Devo made the list for the first time. Radiohead, The Cure, Kraftwerk, LL Cool J, Janet Jackson, Rage Against the Machine, and several others made the list as well. I was a little surprised to see John Prine’s name on there. Here’s more information and all the people that made the list  

You can vote for your favorites here.

Only one vote per day though.

What say ye bastards? Who do you think gets in, and does it even matter….

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  1. In 2007, a very wise man (rhymes with shirker) said on the old blargh …

    Only things with measurable statistics should be allowed to be called Halls of Fame. They would get less flack (but also less press) if it was simply called the Rock ‘n Roll Museum. But a “Hall of Fame” doesn’t just inform and celebrate, it judges. No one’s indignant if a museum has some pictures in it they don’t care for, or doesn’t have a single neo-impressionist represented. But a Hall of Fame is rigorously accountable in a way nothing as subjective as music really should be.

    I’m not actively mad at it like I used to be, I suppose. I do still feel that The Hollow Fame members are “determined by a room full of geriatrics pretending they’re still relevant in an industry that left them behind decades ago.” Something that does piss me off is that the ceremony is free to inductees and $10,000.00 PER PERSON for inductee guests. Why!?

    But I’ll play along. I voted for The Zombies, MC5, Roxy Music, Kraftwerk, and DEVO.

  2. Have any bastards in good standing ever been to the RnRHOF?

    (I assume FAt ELvis has, because he gets around.)

    I´ve never been and am not all that interested. I appreciate the sentiment that having a hall of fame is not very rock and roll at all. So my only vote is a protest vote for my new favorite band, Rhymes With Shirker.

    1. It seems like FE has been there. Oh wait, you said bastards in good standing. Nope, nobody.

      As another wise man said way back in 2007, it should be in Memphis anyway. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some songs to write for my newly named polka-reggae band.

  3. A hall of fame confers respectability, and the last thing rock should be is respectable. But rock got old, and it happened anyway. Just another sign of irrelevance.

  4. Seems like I’ve heard that somewhere. But if Pat Metheny would only make his live shows available on YouTube, the hands of time would reverse to the golden age of rawk.

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