This Hits The Spot

Brand new video from a bunch of dead guys! (And Marky, who is doing just fine.)

You’re watching the never-before-seen official music video for Ramones – ‘She’s The One’ from the 1978 album ‘Road To Ruin’. ‘Road To Ruin’ just turned 40, and Rhino is celebrating the milestone with a 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition.

4 Replies to “This Hits The Spot”

  1. I feel like this video could’ve been a hit had it been made and released later during the MTV era. But then, I was always wrong about the Ramones’ prospects. From about ’77 through early 80’s, I thought they were about to break through commercially. They had it all: coolness, hooks, power, great songs, great live show. But there was still too much southern-Californian pixie dust in the air in late 70’s , I guess.

    1. Yep. One more ahead-of-their-time band who got to watch helplessly as later bands grew rich off their ideas and hard work.

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