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  1. I paid to see four or five films just so I could watch the
    Phantom Menace trailer on a big screen a bunch of times. I didn’t stay for whatever movies were playing.

    Sublime (Darth Maul) and ridiculous (Trade Federation, Jar Jar B).

    A story as old as time. An enslaved 9-year-old drag-racing robotics expert falls in love with an 18-year-old democratically elected queen and is adopted by magical space samurai with the help of his best friend, a klutzy pidgin-speaking alien frogman.

    …everyone’s feeling the 20 year nostalgia. Also from AV Club’s article:

    The justifiable criticisms leveled at George Lucas’ screenwriting and direction make him seem to many like a hack who had one good idea. (Two, as he wrote the stories for his friend Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones series.) But in fact, he may be the most important single figure in the history of cinema. Apart from being a massive blockbuster, the original Star Wars also advanced the craft of special effects by decades. The moment the Star Destroyer flew past in the opening moments of the film, every previous sci-fi movie not directed by Stanley Kubrick suddenly looked like garbage.

    George Lucas’ company Industrial Light & Magic did everything from make the T-1000 melt and re-form to having Forrest Gump shake hands with JFK to letting Roger Rabbit interact with his human co-stars. THX, the audio standard used by movies, computers, and game consoles? Lucas founded the company. Pixar, the studio that both invented and perfected computer-animated films? Lucas founded the company.

    1. Surrounding oneself with talented motherfuckers does not necessarily make one a talented motherfucker. See also Steve Jobs, who couldn’t code his way out of a wet paper bag.

      I’ll give Lucas credit for having some great ideas, but it’s his team of creative super-geniuses who realized them.

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