Dracula And The Shitty Piece Of Cardboard

If Target can put up Halloween costumes and decorations the first week of September, I can talk about Dracula. I never noticed this before …

Extreme Nerdy Horror Trivia! In the classic 1931 Dracula starring Bela Lugosi, why is there a piece of cardboard on a lamp? An error, or was it actually something intentional?

And best YouTube quote …

Why is there so much Dracula in my cardboard movie?

2 Replies to “Dracula And The Shitty Piece Of Cardboard”

  1. Interesting, I never noticed it either. I’d bet the makers thought no one would notice, as viewers would be focused on the action. Anyway, who knew in 1931 that dorks could someday replay the movie at home enough to pick up on it? Also, I’m sure they believed they were making throwaway entertainment, not a classic still dicussed almost a century later.

  2. As Renfield was IN the movie and didn´t see the cardboard, I don´t feel so bad for missing it either.
    Also thank you for making me think of Ed Wood Jr.

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