This Is Not As Funny As I Think It Is

In my humble-yet-accurate opinion, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a glitchy fiasco, and its gameplay can generously be described as clunky. I bought into the hype upon its release (How bad can it be with a 97 on Metacritic?) and was almost immediately disappointed. It’s beautiful and open-ended, yes, but I found it boring. And the AI sucks. Anyway, enjoy these deaths or don’t. You prolly won’t, you sumbitch.

7 Replies to “This Is Not As Funny As I Think It Is”

  1. In any video game confrontation: if it’s me (armed) vs random henchman (unarmed, uncoordinated), on the easiest level…

    bet on the random henchman.

    1. I just played through The Last of Us Part 2, unapologetically set to “please don’t hurt me.” That’s a great game, by the way.

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