Laurel Canyon

I’ve only seen the first of these, as recommended to us by Fat Elvis once upon a time. It’s great. A friend recently hipped me to Echo in the Canyon, and I noticed that there’s ANOTHER one out too.

I’m nostalgic for California, now that it’s burning up and falling into the ocean. I loved my time there. I may watch all of these. Maybe someone will tell us that Laurel Canyon gave birth to punk.

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  1. Watched part of the BBC one, but I’m holding out to watch the other one first, as it begins at an earlier, more interesting (to me) time.

    Although the bay area grabbed the attention for a while, for me the real talent was always in L.A.

    Here’s a great Byrds song that sort of flies under radar for some reason. Written by Gene Clark, this song has it all musically: great melody, harmonies, and playing.

    There WAS some proto-punk in the L.A. scene: Love.

    1. I like it! Cool solo at the end, too.

      All these bands are kind of like Dylan for me. I know their impact and influence is HUGE, they just don’t do a whole lot for me.

      I did have a couple of Eagles records as a kid.

  2. Thanks for the link, Renfield. I really like ´´Everybody´s Been Burned´´ off that same album. Not typical Byrds, not everyone´s cup of tea, but Crosby´s vocals… wow.

    Also appreciate his comical disdain for the Eagles in that first documentary.
    We can all relate.

  3. I don’t think I like many Crosby songs, but I do like that one, and no one can deny the guy can sing. Amazing job on that one, and as a back-up harmony singer, there is no one better.

  4. I’ve been a Neil Young fan for quite a while, but am not generally obsessed with the Laurel Canyon artists. I never worshipped at the altar of James Taylor, like nearly all of my CA compatriots.

    I enjoy the cross-pollination stories. Not unlike Hype. And I’ll always stop to watch vintage Linda Ronstadt.

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