Hey! I Can Last Four Seconds

New developments in How Little Can I Exercise: if you crank the above heavy flywheel – zero resistance bike at max effort for FOUR SECONDS at one-minute intervals, you see:

– increased overall fitness
– increased muscle mass and leg strength
– reduced stiffness of your arteries

The HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts have gone berserk. Fifteen four-second bursts, three days a week for several weeks, gets you the benefit. They’ve finally studied it in old schlubs like us.


It’s like, one minute of actual exercise per day. Story here.

How much does this surely overly-expensive proprietary bike cost? They won’t say on their website. Makerbot build me one!

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  1. I’m worried about the elderly gardener and the female Sociology professor. Although potting plants and deconstructing patriarchy require tip-top conditioning, I’m not sure high intensity is the way to go for them. The gardener especially looks to me on the verge of a cardiac event, like they cut the video off just before his smile vanished as he grabbed his chest and keeled over.

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