4 Replies to “Holy Mystery of Fandom”

  1. I might attend for the meditation, but would definitely slink out the back by the time it got preachy. Or singy, clappy and dance-y.

    The mini-doc featuring some of the true believers is . . . something.

    As we approach Festivus, a reminder that some traditions are a little out there.

  2. Thanks for the video. I hadn’t heard of this cult until I ran across an article over the weekend. Seems harmless enough as far as cults go, but a little unhinged. Just playing the damn record isn’t enough for some fans.

    I note that the Bishop once had an addiction. Many who recover credit supernaturalism, which they in turn want to share. Understandable to a point, but responsible for some highly unfortunate trends, such as Christian rock.

    My all-time favorite Kramer moment.

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