“Boogie” Said with A Mancunian Accent is My New Drug

I’m addicted to Andrew Hickey’s A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs. I started at #1 after finishing Cocaine & Rhinestones, and have grown progressively more impressed with it. It’s impeccably researched,and so full of good stories and facts you never had any idea of. The episode on “Brand New Cadillac” is masterclass. Highly recommended. I will avoid spoilers.

Episode 77: “Brand New Cadillac” by Vince Taylor and the Playboys

4 Replies to ““Boogie” Said with A Mancunian Accent is My New Drug”

  1. Great episode, thanks for posting. I knew next to nothing about Vince. And I’d never heard his red-hot version of “My Baby Left Me.” Here’s the full song. Over-the-top insane, the kind of thing Tav Falco wished he could do. He never even came close. You just can’t contrive that kind of mayhem.

  2. Each of these episodes is like an hour and 42 minutes, and there are 500?

    That’s going to take
    *starts counting on fingers*
    … at least a full weekend.

  3. I also never knew that’s who Bowie based Ziggy Stardust on. Most of the episodes are more like a half hour or a bit more. They started getting longer as he moved into the 60s.

    1. I’ll be diving into more of those for sure. Looking over the list, I like that Motown is given its fair share. In my opinion, between Motown and George Martin/Beatles, you’ve got a complete textbook on how to make and polish a pop record.

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