Mad Punks

I was reminded of this today and felt it needed a reposting. As the story goes, I first saw this issue of MAD at my friend Geoff’s house when we were in the third grade. I was a sensitive, sheltered kid, and remember feeling nauseated after reading MAD’s “Punk Rock Group” of the Year. Punching fans! Vomiting and urinating onstage! Self-mutilation!

But a few years later, when I actually got into punk in middle school, I spent an inordinate amount of time looking for it at Memphis Comics and Records. (I never had any success, mostly because I only had a rough timeframe for when that issue would have been published, and no Internet to assist me.)

I did, however, finally find it when my in-laws gave me every issue of MAD on CD one Christmas. These days, I’m positively obnoxious about reposting it.

BONUS: Here’s an interview with artist Harry North.

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  1. I remember that exact progression, being frightened of the intimidating punks in the late 70’s.

    Then when I made it to Carnaby Street in 1983, the spiky mohawks and nose rings were simply enjoyable, non-threatening local color.

    Popular culture will swallow your scene, innovations, and sensibility whole, then turn it into a damn sitcom.

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