Mike Love Raps…

…with predictable results. Even the girls can’t save this sad abomination; I couldn’t make it past one minute. According to this guy, the song was conceived as a duo with Bart Simpson for an upcoming Simpsons movie, but the producers declined, feeling that “Bart, after all, has some standards to uphold.” Indeed. Instead, it landed on Baywatch. I might have saved this one for Loathsome Thursday, but this stands in its own category of awfulness. I hesitated to post it at all.

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    1. Nerd update: this song’s album, Summer In Paradise, was the first to be released in only CD and cassette. As such, the original CD’s are collectible even though pretty much everybody hates it.

  1. That album reviewer was fantastic. Pitchface gives Metal Machine Music an 8.7 review but this guy is like nahhhhh.

    Not sure which one it was, but he called something “a clumsy splodge of an album.”

    People with English accents are so cool.

    1. I haven’t seen any of his other videos yet. That one just popped up on my app. When he said something about Mike Love rapping, I couldn’t suppress the perverse urge to go seek it out. I was duly punished for it. Idle curiousity killed the cat.

      As for MMM, most people and critics (not necessarily the same species) have always hated it. I don’t hate it, but then I’ve never been able to listen beyond a few minutes. I just don’t hear anything interesting going on. Maybe I’d hate it too if I’d ever listened longer. As for people who liked it (or claimed to), there were a few who genuinely respected it for good reasons, but I doubt they ever listened to it for pleasure. There were also knee-jerk contrarians who claimed to like it because that’s just what they do. They never listened to it either. Then there were sociopaths who liked it because they saw it as a big middle finger to everyone and everything. These were the same people who took the Sex Pistols way too seriously. They were the flipside of those who saw the Pistols as Enemies Of All Things Decent. Both were McLaren’s marks. Same coin, different side. They tended to become belligerent when drunk and always spoke in superlatives: everything was always the greatest or the worst. I have no idea if they ever actually listened to MMM. You just kept your distance.

          1. You can thank Google’s algorithm for that one. “Old guy likes other old guys complaining about bad old records.”

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