A few years ago, a Canadian musician slowed down a few Chipmunks songs to 16 RPM, and it’s kind of awesome. The singing is pretty good, and at that speed, it’s all gothy and moody. Like you have anything better to do today.

0:00 Call Me
6:12 Walk Like An Egyptian
13:00 Heaven Is A Place On Earth
20:58 Diamond Dolls
27:17 You Keep Me Hanging On
35:28 My Sharona
43:25 Always On My Mind
50:13 Refugee

4 Replies to “Sludgefest”

    1. I recently saw something on Reddit about Quaaludes. There were lots of comments from sixty-somethings about how much they missed them. Apparently, there was nothing else like it.

      1. Unless those old geezers have tried everything out there, how would they know there’s nothing like them? Anyway, nostalgia always makes things seem better than they were. If they were so great, someone would still be making them illegally. I’m guessing fentanyl users would not be impressed.

        Seeing people luded out was enough to keep me away. Users would turn into incoherent, slobbering apes. I know someone who totaled two cars while taking them, and Chris Bell had taken them (Mandrax, same drug, different name) along with alcohol when he fatally crashed. I didn’t know anyone else who died from them, but deaths from mixing them with alcohol weren’t unusual. I knew many people around here who got prescriptions for them from Elvis’s doctor.

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