Check Out These Early Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Animatics

So sayeth animator Alberto Mielgo …

As I mentioned before, I was hired to direct the animation test for the new Spiderman film.

Here you can see my original storyboards and animatics that I produced for such a test. My main intention was to explore the language of comics and cinema and merge them together. We finished only 4 of this shots. And everyone ended up pretty exhausted!!!
The shots that we produced with an incredible technical team were some of the most amazing thing Ive seen, and Im extremely proud of them and the team involved. With those shots we open a door to a pipeline and possibilities and help to estimate the overall film.
I hope Sony will allow me to share the finished shots some time in the future .

Im really happy to see that most of my shots on this early boards made it to the final film. Again I would like to congratulate the whole team that finished the final film for preserving the compositions and the original intention of these shots. It shows that everyone felt inspired and that they really cared for this particular vision.

As you can see the 3 versions are very different in tone. It was early and I was not too sure yet what would be the final mood of this film yet.

I work with pencil, photoshop, I do the comp in After FX and my edits in Premiere, with my own sounds and all bunch of crap in Audition… Did I ever say how much I love adobe?

Music on this obviously temp score just for the edit.

My pick temp track artist:

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