Remember This Money-Grubbing Asshole?

This was televangelist Robert Tilton’s usual spiel, swindling every last penny from poor folks who were at the end of the proverbial rope. What a piece of shit.

And I’m sure you’re all familiar with this series of videos in which some video-editing genius used Tilton’s ridiculous facial expressions, pauses, and verbal tics to hilarious effect.

But I had not seen this video. This is another kind of genius. Anyway, enjoy or don’t.

5 Replies to “Remember This Money-Grubbing Asshole?”

  1. Someone needs to do somethig like this to Dr. Gene Scott. Remember him? He was the one with the gray beard and weird hats. He engaged in wacky biblical exegesis, sort of billing himself as the thinking man’s Jim Baker/Robert Tilton.

  2. Is it wrong of me to want to rip the audio from that last video and put it in my iPod? Reminds me of the Willy Wonka video… wrong sir, wrong. wrong sir, wrong. you get nothing!

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