The Worst Thing You’ll See All Week

Mrs. Renfield and I were discussing bad 70’s TV shows, and I suddenly remembered laughing my ass off at this episode of CHiPs, where Erik Estrada et al. turn their forensic skills on solving death threats against satanic rocker, “Moloch.”  They don’t go to any trouble to hide their inspiration for Moloch, who apparently is so revered that he can get away with one-song concerts.  This is even worse than I remember, and I post with deepest apologies.

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  1. So bad it’s good. Thanks! I think my favorite parts are the shitty Walgreens Halloween decorations and the random ears of corn onstage.

    You’ve reminded me of the very special Quincy episode on punk, also a contender for most unintentionally hilarious televised rock performance.

  2. That is hilarious, I’d never seen it. There was also the classic Beverly Hillbillies episode where Jethro gets mixed up with some hippies, the difference being that the BH writers knew they were being ridiculous. Sitcoms were better at dealing with youth culture: it was mostly good-natured “those crazy kids” parody. Dramas strained to make social commentary out of it, so it was “those crazy kids are fucking dangerous and here’s why.” Always written from the clueless adult perspective.

  3. Off-brand KISS is far better than I deserve, thank you.

    One of my favorites was the Gilligan’s Island episode where fictitious pop band The Mosquitoes arrive for R&R. They leave when faced with direct competition from a band formed by Ginger, Mary Ann, and Mrs. Thurston Howell III.

  4. The correct answer to “Mary Ann or Ginger?”
    – Both!

    The Mosquitoes were played by The Wellingtons, the band that sang the theme song for Gilligan’s Island.

  5. Mary Ann slightly over Ginger, but ideal would be the Monkeystador option.

    I’ve never met anyone who prefered Ginger, or at least who would admit it. I once pretended to prefer Ginger when asked, and was berated for my superficiality.

  6. I won’t deny that Ginger is uber-hot. I think many prefer Mary Ann because of their characters. Ginger knows she’s hot and is always leveraging it, whereas Mary Ann doesn’t seem to know she’s hot at all, at least as I remember it.

    But of course, sometimes binary choices are unjust. One may prefer Mary Ann or Ginger at various times depending on mood, type and amount of alcohol consumed, etc. LIfe is complicated.

    So, yeah, both please.

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