4 Replies to “This One’s For Us, Droogie”

  1. I stand by my comments. The arrangements. The voice. It’s good. So I know Makerbot is also a fan, but what about any other Bastards? What’s your go to guilty pleasure music?

  2. Agree. The list of sappy, shallow, perfectly crafted pop that I helplessly love would be almost endless, but the first examples that come to mind are Does Your Mother Know and S.O.S., both by ABBA.

  3. Shonen Knife and Sonic Youth made the world safe for closet Carpenters fans in 1994.

    And Cobain loved his ABBA.

    Just as it somehow became cool to be a nerd, so it is with our inner candy pop fanboys. I don’t think I feel any guilt over my wussy-er musical proclivities.

    I’m fucking shameless.

    1. Yes! I remember feeling vaguely ashamed that I was still reading comics in college, and suddenly now everybody has ALWAYS! LOVED! COMICS! Bullshit.

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