This One’s For Me

But of course, you’re more than welcome to take a look. It’s a new documentary about my all-time favorite PC game(s).

What happens when one of the most revolutionary series in video games suddenly goes dark? To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Noclip hits the road to investigate the legacy of Half-Life and the incredible community working to keep the dream alive.

Featuring Geoff Keighley (The Game Awards), Cory Barlog (God of War), Vince Zampella (Titanfall / Call of Duty), Randy Pitchford (Borderlands), Laura Michet, Scott Smith, Robert Yang and more.

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  1. Top Ten Video Games I Have Never Played:

    10. Dark Castle
    9. Grand Theft Auto
    8. The Sims
    7. Halo
    6. Super Mario Bros
    5. Fortnite
    4. Call of Duty
    3. Madden NFL Whatever
    2. Legend of Zelda
    1. WoW

    Which button do I press to make Half-Life punch the monster?

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