4 Replies to “Hell’s Wizard Demands Chained Nudes”

  1. Well, the the Nazi’s and especially the Fascists in Italy purposely channeled the pomp and iconography of ancient Rome. In fact, the word fascist derives from fasces, the Latin term for a bundle of rods that symbolized power from the early Etruscans all the way through imperial Rome. The Italian Fascist eagle perched on the fasces, as did some Roman eagles. German eagles replaced the fasces with a swastika, but they they closely resemble Roman ones.

    I’m not aware if the Nazis or Fascists ever threw toga parties. Really, I have no fucking idea why he’s wearing the toga. And which one is hell’s wizard?

  2. This blog is so edifying.

    I like the idea that hell’s wizard lurks somewhere off-camera, controlling everything. He’s much more ominous in my imagination than he would be on the cover.

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