7 Replies to “Game Of Thrones Season 8”

  1. I’m in 100%, but that wasn’t the best episode. Although, I will say that the dick/eunuch joke right of the bat was funny, even if a little out of place…

    1. Really? I felt like it was a solid, leisurely reintroduction of all the main characters, setting the stage without beating us over the head. (With a few revelations to move the plot ever so slightly.) The dragon ride scene was pretty dippy, though.

      Only FIVE more episodes!

  2. Pretty low expectations here.

    Season 7 seemed bafflingly off its game and kind of lost the magic for me. I think that the showrunners initially had oodles of deep, interesting, interconnected GRRM storylines, and made great decisions as far as what to emphasize and occasionally change.

    The beauty of the story was the sprawl, and depth, and mysterious supernatural elements. Now the producers are running off of Power Point outlines instead of true source material, and it shows. It feels like they’re trying to wrap it up so they can get to happy hour.

    The dragon / waterfall photo op belonged on the Hallmark channel. Gimme some direwolves and let me see Jaqen H’ghar one more time.

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