Damn It Janet

The video won’t embed (SO ANNOYING), but this is a pretty cool little time capsule moment.

To my knowledge this is the only full interview that Tim Curry gave about his part in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Recorded during the week that the film was released in 1975, he talks about his roll in the film and whether or not he would play the part again! The Interviewer is Mark Caldwell and the Interview Director is Colin Grimshaw. Clips were provided by Fox-Rank. Fox has (June 2012) reviewed and released any copyright claim on the film footage appearing in this video. The interview was shot in black and white (the film is in colour)!

I always forget how much ass this soundtrack kicks. Mark and I were in a college cover band that played “Sweet Transvestite.”

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  1. Another pillar of pop culture that I’ve never experienced, because you guys never take me anywhere.
    In the 90’s and the 00’s I remember feeling like “hey I should really try to see that” but it was always showing at midnight somewhere inconvenient.

    Now the internets say I can watch it on Hulu. I just might do it.

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