Something Cringey

I recently re-watched The Beatles Anthology with recent convert, Renfield Jr.  Great series, but I had a hard time making it through this video featuring the hirsute-era Beatles mooning over and frolicking with their significant others.  I’m not sure why anyone thought this would be entertaining, but maybe the point was narcissism rather than entertainment.

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  1. I never watched Anthology but quite enjoy its massive written format.

    It’s where I learned that Yoko was omnipresent at the White Album sessions. So as strange as it seems to me in the Let It Be documentary, her studio presence was something they were already kinda used to.

    Really hoping that there are some early videos of the rock stars on this blog, featuring Beth-style songs and vintage girlfriends/wives. Where do you guys hide those?

  2. I have nothing, but local legend holds that one of the Subteens is sitting on an unreleased solo project, a triple album, experimental in nature and recorded around the time of his marriage. Some whisper that video was shot for an accompanying film, but the project became unwieldy and had to be abandoned.

  3. Jodorowsky and Eggleston were to collaborate on the film.

    Decca sold the American soundtrack rights to Arista. For some reason everyone involved can’t reach a mutually acceptable arrangement. It’s a shame.

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